Hybrid Work Ecosystem

The 2020 mass “work from home” experiment caused by the pandemic, demonstrated that it’s possible to give employees choice without a sacrifice to productivity or experience.

Employees now expect flexibility, which means most organizations will need a holistic plan to support both in-office and remote workers. To successfully win back, retain, and attract workers, employers will need to adapt and transform to support this massive shift in working culture and behaviour.

Both employees and businesses are realizing that there are real benefits. Accessing your work desktops from anywhere at any-time using virtualization.

With remote and flexible working becoming one of the biggest forces behind the growth of UK SMEs, virtualisation or desktop-as-a-service is an ideal solution to make new working practices an ideal fit for your business. Workers can be from across the globe, digital nomads, Digital expats, also need security and feel they work for a company.
With companies of all sizes hiring great people all over the world. Managing global payroll isn’t easy, though, even for experienced businesses. Global payroll involves much more than processing payments to employees. Your global payroll solution is more of a strategic asset than an administrative one, allowing you to hire and pay top talent swiftly, easily, and in full compliance all over the world.

Companies unfamiliar with global payroll may recognise the many challenges of compliance, taxation, and other obstacles that global payroll solutions can solve. For example, if a company does not own a legal entity in a country, a global payroll provider can help that company hire international workers without needing to spend thousands over several months to open a new entity.
The benefits of DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) to your business:

The Windows virtual machine is;
  • Flexible, access it from anywhere.
  • Reliable, 99.9% uptime.
  • Cost efficient, reduce support costs, less business interruptions.
  • Scalable, Add or remove servers and desktops on demand
  • Secure, Your Data is always backed up, your Services and Data are Secure
  • Costs, are predictable

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