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We are experts in selecting the right legal team for those individuals or organisations who find themselves caught in the fight against financial crime.The right legal team at the start of your defence or claim is key for a positive outcome.

We work with top UK legal firms that are experts in advising those accused of perpetrating “high-end” money laundering arising from major frauds, terrorist activity and international corruption. Whether payments are electronic or cash-based, used to purchase crypto, financial or physical property assets; whether parties are knowingly or unwittingly involved – we can assist.

We have an impressive track record in selecting the right criminal defence to corporates and individuals alleged to have disguised the illicit origin of funds. Our Panel includes the following:

Barristers Chambers that are BAND 1 and are used by law enforcement and CPS.

We also regularly advise those who might be considered enablers – lawyers, trust and company formation agents, investment banks and fund managers, accountants and real estate agents – on the regulatory and criminal law consequences of AML investigations, be they suspects or witnesses.

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