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25 years creating , assisting , disrupting in the payments sector.

Custodial Management Solutions Ltd are a UK based company, established in 2018 to provide a range of services to Banks and Financial institutions. These include treasury, operational, regulatory, technical, and legal assistance.

During our operational life, for example, we have provided numerous international financial institutions with multi-currency accounts.

Much of CMS’s success as an innovator of financial services can be attributed to our Founder and CEO Lubin Betancourt Reyes, a serial entrepreneur and disruptor in the payments space. Lubin has been able to draw on his considerable experience, over many years in the City of London, in striving for, what he considers to be, the best for the Payments industry. Creating a level playing field within the sector, and breaking down cultural barriers when it comes to cross border trade with emerging Markets has always been seen as a priority here at CMS, under Lubin’s guidance, for example!

Other Services We Provide Include:
Euro bank Accounts and Acquiring services for High-Risk Merchants in Gaming, Crypto and Travel. In addition we aim to assist low-risk merchants that are paying high fees with legacy acquiring partners.

“Custodial Management Solutions (CMS) demonstrated exponential growth during the pandemic and we continue to work, in an ever changing world, to assist your businesses in accessing new markets and new opportunities.”
CMS Other Interest Include
Crypto Recovery

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Legal professionals
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Electronic Money Institutions
Payment Gateways
Payments service providers PSD
Digital Asset Exchanges and OTC operators
Money Service Business


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