Stable Coin Liquidity

Stablecoin Powered Banking & Payments

Send, receive, and convert

Hold 100+ currencies and assets in one account and send payments on all major payment schemes and blockchain networks.

Settle funds globally, from local markets,
in under 24 hours

Using traditional rails, funds can take up to 5 days to settle
using swift, and correspondent banks, funds can take 3-5 days to settle and be subject to high FX charges.
Using USDT to settle cross border reduces cost, time and complexity of moving money.

send and receive payments

Using USDT to settle cross border reduces both time and complexit

Moving money over USDT rails settles funds in under 24 hours and allows you to leverage crypto market FX rates, via Stablecoin routes, to move funds as efficiently as possible.

A smarter alternative for cross border payments

Settle from markets all over the world, in under 24 hours.

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